By The Slice!

All Slices $3.99
  • Slice Meal Deals
  • 2 slices & a drink
    Make it a beer for $10.99
  • A slice, salad & a drink for
    Make it a beer for $10.99
  • 1 slice, cookie & a drink
    Make it a beer for $8.99

  • Cheese
    Served on our original pan style crust with lots and lots of mozzarella
  • Pepperoni
    Served on our original pan style crust with lots and lots of mozzarella and pepperoni
  • Sausage
    Served on our Original Pan-Style Crust with our locally made sausage

  • Deluxe Combo
    Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Mushroom, Green Pepper, & Red Onion on Honey Whole Wheat Pan-Style Crust
  • Veggie Deluxe
    Mushroom, Green Pepper, Red Onion, & Black Olives on Honey Whole Wheat Pan-Style Crust


  • Small (Serves 1-2)
  • Medium (Serves 2-3)
  • Large (Serves 3-4)
  • (Plan on 2-3 slices per person
    unless you have some BIG EATERS!!)

  • Chicago-Style Sausage
    Made with our Chicago Sauce and topped with Italian sausage, sweet basil & drizzled with olive oil
  • The Mediterranean
    Made with Sweet Basil Pesto, Mozzarella, Parmesan, and Feta cheeses, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and fresh mushrooms! Best on our New York Thin crust!

  • California Artichoke
    Layered with mozzarella & parmesan cheeses. Topped with specially marinated artichoke, fresh tomato & red onion.
  • Deluxe Combo
    Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Mushroom, Green Pepper & Red Onion
  • Ricotta-Spinach
    Our own Ricotta Cheese Sauce with Fresh Spinach topped with Mozzarella, Parmesan, & Feta Cheeses!
  • The Lovehandler
    Our everything pizza!!! Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Canadian Bacon, Mushroom, Green Pepper, Red Onion, Black Olives and Diced garlic. Priced just a bit more --small $18.99 / medium $22.99 / large $28.99
  • Veggie Deluxe
    Mushroom, Green Pepper, Red Onion, & Black Olives

  • BBQ Classic Chicken
    A light drizzle of Olive Oil, a layer of Mozzarella & Cheddar Cheeses, topped with BBQ Chicken, BBQ Sauce, Smoked Bacon, & Red Onions!
  • Beef-Bacon-Cheddar
    Ground Beef, Applewood-Smoked Bacon, & Cheddar Cheese with Pans Pizza Sauce!
  • Hawaiian
    Applewood-Smoked & Canadian Bacons, Pineapple & Sweet Basil
  • Hot-Wing Ranch
    Made with our Ranch Sauce, Buffalo Chicken, mozzarella & parmesan cheeses, red onions & green peppers!
  • The Beggar
    Panhandler's meatiest pizza! Italian Sausage, Canadian Bacon and Pepperoni on top of mozzarella and our house red sauce. Topped with sweet basil.


Your Own Pizza!

Cheese Only
  • Small (Serves 1-2)
  • Medium (Serves 2-3)
  • Large (Serves 3-4)

Each additional topping
  • Small (Serves 1-2)
  • Medium (Serves 2-3)
  • Large (Serves 3-4)

1. Pick your crust!

All pizzas come with Panhandler’s original pizza sauce

  • Original Pan-Style
  • Thin-Crust
  • Honey Whole Wheat Pan-Style
  • Gluten-Free Crust (Available in 10″ Only, Priced as a Small)


For our Specialty Sauce add
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

2. Pick your sauce!

All pizzas and slices come with our House Sauce or try one of our specialty sauces.

  • Chicago-Style Sauce
    Marinated tomatoes spiced with garlic, basil, & oregano over a bed of Mozzarella and topped with fresh-grated Parmesan.
  • Ranch Sauce
    A light topping of Ranch Dressing with Mozzarella & fresh-grated Parmesan Cheeses!
  • Ricotta Sauce
    Our own Ricotta Cheese sauce with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Mozzarella, & fresh-grated Parmesan Cheese with your choice of toppings!
  • Pesto Sauce
    A flavorful blend of garlic, basil, & Pinon nuts in an olive oil base. Comes with Mozzarella & fresh-grated Parmesan
  • Spicy Ranch Sauce
    A spicy version of our Ranch Dressing with Mozzarella & fresh-grated Parmesan Cheeses!

3. Pick your toppings!

  • Grilled Chicken Breast
  • Pepperoni
  • Red Onions
  • Green Olives
  • Pineapple
  • Diced Garlic
  • Ground Beef
  • Feta

  • Italian Sausage
  • Cream Cheese
  • Green Peppers
  • Canadian Bacon
  • Fresh Tomato
  • Marinated Artichoke Hearts
  • Jalapeno
  • Sun-Dried Tomatoes

  • Fresh Mushrooms
  • Banana Peppers
  • Black Olives
  • BBQ Chicken
  • Spinach
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Buffalo Chicken
  • Applewood-Smoked Bacon


  • Dressings
    Ranch, Balsamic Vinegar, Honey Mustard, Fat-Free Italian, Bleu Cheese

  • Individual Side Salad
  • Family Size House Salad
    Crisp greens topped with tomatoes, onion, black olive and mozzarella cheese .
    Feeds 3-4

  • Greek Salad
    Fresh greens, top with grilled chicken, artichokes, feta cheese, tomatoes, and green olives
  • Pick 6 Salad
    Pick any 6 pizza toppings atop a bed of crispy, fresh greens

Other Stuff

  • Hot Wings
    Buffalo, Teriyaki, BBQ
  • Regular Order (6 wings)
  • Double Order (12 wings)

  • Garlic Cheese Bread
    Panhandler's famous pastry style dough smothered in butter and garlic, baked with mozzarella and parmesan cheeses and served with our house marinara sauce

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie
    1 for $.99 Or 3 for $2.79


  • Buffalo Wings
    Tender, juicy oven baked chicken wings coated in your choice or our mouthwatering sauces!!
  • Your choice of Buffalo, Teriyaki or BBQ Sauce Served with Bleu Cheese or Ranch

  • 12 WINGS
  • 50 WINGS
  • 100 WINGS

  • 25 WINGS
  • 75 WINGS

7 Layers Of Panhandler’s Goodness

Hot, ooey gooey, pan of Panhandler’s best flavors — it includes a layer of Panhandler’s fabulous house sauce, our creamy ricotta sauce, a layer of black olives, a layer of banana peppers, baked with our specialty mozzarella cheese, a layer of pepperoni all topped with parmesan cheese & basil and served with bites of Panhandler’s famous dough!!! It doesn’t get much better!!


For a Few $11.99 / For a Bunch $28.99 / For a Crowd $54.99


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