Save the Planet

It’s the Only One with Panhandler’s Pizza

Here at Panhandler’s we believe that we have a responsibility to do more than just serve the best pizza anywhere. We are committed to sustainability, the environment, and our community. We want to work with our customers, our vendors, our staff…Basically everyone we come into contact with, to make a difference together! Part of our bottom line is profit from pizza, but it’s more than that --It’s all about P4--Planet, People, Pizza and Profit.

Panhandler’s Pizza aims to make its supply chain as sustainable as possible while preserving the authentic Panhandler’s experience and taste. A great example is Grande Cheese Company, which produces Panhandler’s 100% whole-milk, low moisture mozzarella cheese. Grande has a number of sustainability initiatives including Grande is dedicated to reducing water and land use. In addition, Grande Cheese Company, the source of Pan’s cheese for years, produces renewable energy from farm waste and is dedicated to reducing water and land use as part of its environmental stewardship. Grande works with a select group of dedicated milk producers who share their commitment to sustainable farming and milk production practices and cow comfort.

See Grande’s Social Responsibility Report.

Grande logo

Panhandler’s uses certified sustainable forestry pizza boxes and the to-go slice boxes are made out of compostable bio-materials. To conserve single-use plastics, extra supplies such as covers for cups and straws are only available by request. Panhandler’s also uses environmentally friendly cleaners whenever possible, such as the Simple Green® All-Purpose Cleaner.

Adding Delicious Plant-Based Toppings

Panhandler’s Pizza is committed to delivering exceptional flavor, which is why the company has chosen Beyond Hot Italian Sausage® for its new permanent specialty pizza, The Planthandler Pizza. Beyond Sausage® is designed to "look, sizzle, and satisfy like pork." The Beyond Sausage® includes 16g of plant protein - more protein than a traditional pork sausage - and 38% less saturated fat than leading sausage brands. Beyond Meat® has a mission for sustainability, and its products significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water use, land use, and energy use compared to traditional animal products.

Panhandler’s also is working with innovative creameries like Miyoko’s Creamery that combines traditional techniques with next generation food science. They have cracked the code on how to craft authentic cheese and butter from wholesome and sustainable plant milk. With these plant milks, they craft delicious vegan cheese and butters.

Coming soon….Panhandler’s answer to Recycling!