Slices for Kindness - The heart that spills, fills

Being a part of the fabric of this community for over 45 years means something to Panhandler’s. We have been fortunate to be the recipient of so much kindness from the community, from our Pan’s Fans, from our customers, from our friends that our heart is spilling out SLICES FOR KINDNESS. SLICES FOR KINDNESS is a simple idea based on the philosophy that gratitude is important and paying it forward is about creating that ripple effect where one small act of kindness leads to another good act which leads to another good act and the acts of kindness ripple out throughout the community.

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Slices for Kindness Board

The Way it Works

Buy a slice for a friend, a stranger, a teacher, a homeless person, a policeman, a nurse, a firefighter, a little girl with pigtails, someone who just needs a helping hand and we add a heart to the board with whoever you specify and a note if you want.

See your name on the board?

Cash in on a slice by grabbing a heart and bringing it to the counter then you can pay it forward next time whether it’s buying a slice for someone else or doing another act of kindness.
A genuine experience of generosity sustained by boundless gratitude!

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Community Fundraisers

As part of SLICES FOR KINDNESS, we have developed four ways that an organization can benefit from Panhandler’s Paying it Forward. This way an organization can pick a way that works best for them Panhandler’s will do everything we can to help promote the event from creating flyers, e-mails, etc. to help you get the word out. The beauty for the organization is with three of the four ways, the organization only has to promote the event. The four ways a group can raise money with Panhandler’s Pizza are:

⚊ Pop-Up at your site: Panhandler’s Pizza has great success with doing Pop-Up Panhandler’s where people pre-order and pre-pay for pizzas that are delivered to a central location. People can order up until noon the day of the event and we would deliver the pizzas at a set time to the location where people can just drive-by and pick-up the pizzas. The organization would receive 15% of all orders placed for the Pop-Up.

⚊ Half-bake Pop-Up: A variation on the Pop-Up where the customers order the pizzas as a “half-bake”. Half-bake pizzas are a bake at home pizza that can be picked up and baked later. This option could work great for schools where people would pick up the pizza when they pick up their student from school and bake the pizzas later for dinner. It would be a pre-order; pre-pay event and the organization would receive 15% of all orders placed for the event.

⚊ In-House Event: This is an all-day event where people can bring in a flyer (we will design for you to send out to your organization) and we will donate 15% from all food, beverage, retail and gift card sales. This works with dine-in and take-out orders but not available on delivery orders.

⚊ Slice-a-palooza: Buy a minimum of 10 pizzas at a discount (deep) and you can sell slices for $3 or more dollars and you keep all of the profit.

For schedule a date or for more information on how your group can partner with Panhandler’s Slices of Kindness contact: or visit