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10,000 memories. 1 pizza.

About Fort Collins Oldest Pizza Joint

Panhandler’s Pizza is not only Fort Collin’s BEST pizza restaurant but we are also the oldest! Since 1975, Panhandler’s has served our unique pan-style pizza by the slice or as a whole pie. Each pizza starts with a pastry-like dough which has be baked lower and slower than a regular pizza. They take longer but they are worth the wait!! Each pizza is topped with our secret sauce and 100% real, whole-milk Mozzarella cheese loaded with fresh quality toppings and even sausage that is about the best Italian Sausage you can find made here locally.


Panhandler’s Pizza was originally opened in 1975 by the Foster’s and sold in the early 1980s to John Olsen. In 2017, with all the growth in Fort Collins, the original location at 1220 W. Elizabeth was getting torn down with the growth of the Campus West Region and J ohn decided to sell the business. Louann DeCoursey kiddingly piped up on social media that maybe he should maybe sell the restaurant to a former employee like her! He liked the idea and Panhandler's 2.0 was born at its current location on College Avenue. Panhandler's continues to grow and is looking forward to serving Pan's Fans throughout Northern Colorado, the pizza that tastes like a memory for another fifty years!!

Louann along with her amazing staff leads Panhandler's Pizza and is supported by a growing ownership group that includes many who have been lifelong Pan's Fans!

Support Local

Panhandler's Pizza is proud to be a locally-owned independent business, We strive to provide quality food and experience, service, and a great value for a premium product, for not only our Pan's Fans, but our team, and our community.